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Rhodes, Kelly & Associates, Inc. is a full service licensed third party collection agency that offers a wide variety of services to assist you in meeting your collection needs. We want to ensure you are getting not only the best results but also the highest returns possible.

Since 2002, Rhodes, Kelly & Associates, Inc. has been providing collection services in an efficient, timely, and effective manner.The value of partnering with our company is our distinctive benefit of bringing long-term value. We want our clients with the mindset of building value, which is pricless. and building a relationship. We can provide your accounts with the personal care attention they deserve, while working them with due diligence you expect. Our services include but are not limited to self-pay collections, bad debt collection, on-site training, seminars, and guest speaking.We don't make excuses, we find solutions-we provide Collection Solutions. 


Dedicated to professional, timely, effective debt solutioins  

"Excelling in helping businesses increase their cash flow" 

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